Saturday, January 24, 2015


Last March I started going to clay classes… I have never thought of myself as creative or artistic, but am starting to come around to the idea.

I have run out of space to keep what I have made, and started to give away my work, so I thought I might keep a picture journal of what I have made over the past year.

This Luminary is just finished - Gonna Bisque soon.

This is one of the first things I ever made.

This was a first attempt at the Luminary Arch I just finished. There was a mistake in firing it and they went to cone 12. It feels like concrete. Such a cool mistake!

Large Candle holder.

I didn't know what this was when I was making it. I have researched and found it is called a Poppet. I made this for a Wood Firing class, about to Bisque it this week, will see when it comes out. I think it will have help from my peeps while it is firing.

Taper candle holder, made at the same time as the square one above.

This was the first time I used this technique, I call them doughnuts, but that isn't the right name. Since I live in the desert everyone thinks it is a Palo Verde sculpture.

I was going through this spiritual journeying week and was "told" to go to the clay coop, this is what I made. Such a cool experience. 

This is one of the few Wheel Thrown pieces. This is a mistake gone well.
That is all for today. I will post more when take the pictures. Hope you liked them!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

A good day to ponder

In two days I will become 40 years old, but in a very dominant way I have been 40 for the last 40 years.

When I was young I always sat with the adults listening to them talk, once in a while saying something that would make them all laugh, for hours enjoying the camaraderie of my fellow adults. Eventually the conversation would change and I would be sent to play with my sister and cousins.

I remember my parents getting hassled because the movie ticket person never believed I was still in the free or child's ticket age range, I was just to mature no matter my size.

In school I always had friends, I was friends with everyone, no one group for me, I spanned the cliques and fit in everywhere. I was always the friend that boys and girls came to for advice, and from a young age I gave mature advice, good advice. This isn't ego, I saw the world in a way that my friends and family didn't... I knew... I knew how to advise, how to cope, how to get by as myself not bending to the pressure of how other thought I should have behaved. I was from birth how my 40 and older friends are starting to tell me they feel.

Needless to say it was a common comment with my friends and family that I was born at 40. I was stable, established, sitting well in my own skin. I was mature for my age at 2. So what does that mean for the next 40 years?

Now that I have finally reached the age I was born at... what next?

In my high school years I believed I wouldn't make it to 40, now here I am and I am happy I made it, though I lost too many friends along the way. I didn't believe I would make it to 40 until... well... I met Husband. He was a great yin to my yang. I brought out the, adventure, fun and silly in him, where he taught me caution, stability and love in a way I never imagined. And laughter... no one makes me smile or laugh harder than Husband.

So for my 40th celebration Husband took me to Disneyland... the best place to go for anyone over 9 years old in my opinion... And I laughed, and I screamed, and I talked non stop to the man I have loved for 17 years, and I am undeniably lucky.

SO I am happy to continue being me at 40+ or 5, my preferred maturity age (especially when swing sets are around). Loving myself for who I am and always feeling comfortable in my own skin. Surrounding my self with family and friends who love me for who I am and are happy to have me around because I love them for who they are. I will resist the urge to yell at the kids on my front lawn, I will resist getting cranky with this new generation and what ever they are doing that doesn't make sense to me.  But most importantly to me, I will continue to be optimistic, open minded, and expect the best in everyone, because once you stop doing those thing, no matter your age, you are simply old.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


I was in a myotherapy session last week and a mantra came to me. 

"Let go. Be who you came here to be."

I love this. It tells me to let to of who I "should" be according to others, and to be who I am spiritually. I love it. I live it. I hope you do too. 

Friday, June 14, 2013


After months of texting, and emailing, and phone calls, and meetings, and planning, and, and, and... everyone is now on vacation, and I find myself confused when I look at my phone and I don't have 40 texts to read, and my email isn't full...

I am not sure I like it... someone text me. I am at a loss....

Later peeps!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Too long for facebook

If I wasn't at the "other job" I would so be drunk right now.

I am lucky that I love so easily.

If I didn't have a heart so full of love and support from my family and my amazing friends I would have been an uncontrollable sobbing heap for the last 5 1/2 months.

But I do.

And because of you wonderful people I am still walking tall with a smile on my face.

Bad days can go to hell!

I am crazy irrationally loved and I am lucky for it.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Missed it

As I sit here doing my wonderful second job I am simply amazed at what I have accomplished. Seven years ago I quit my job in the theatre and put myself in the hands of fate and hard work. Now I work professionally in a completely new field. I am certified, and achieved that in half the time expected. I have two wonderful jobs where I am able to work with people that I truly love and I feel very happy to be around every day.

I have been twice blessed professionally, first in Theatre and now in ASL Interpreting. I don't begin to think very much luck is involved in either of these roads; mostly it has been who I know and my ability to work hard while still having fun. 

I am truly happy with my work, and have been blessed my whole life with the ability to say that, "I am TRULY happy with my work." I hope you are as fortunate as I am.

Later Peeps!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


I have decided that Milky Way are much more delicious than Three Musketeers. It is decided. However they are both still inferior to a snickers.

You may ask how I have come to this conclusion while I am on Jenny Craig and am actively trying to loose weight... You should just mind you own business. Seriously... Shut up. Don't be a bully, be a friend.

Later Stalkers!