Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hair Blog Day 1 & 2

Mom was diagnosed in November with two different kinds of breast cancer. Yesterday she started chemo and we shaved our heads in preparation of her loosing her hair due to the treatments.

When I found out that she was going to have to go through chemo I knew immediately that I would be shaving my head with her. I started to research what our hair would look like as it grew out. I saw a few disturbing websites where people documented the loss of their hair, but I never saw the process of growing it back. I have decided to do that here. First of all so my mom will know what to expect as hers comes back, but also to help others have a record of what the process is, and how long it took one person to grow their hair out. I hope it helps someone!

Day one - Shaved January 4th, 2013

Before shot

Mom and I after we shaved our heads!

So some things you should know when you decide to take the plunge. We had our hair done by Michael at Metropolis Salon here in Tucson, AZ.  They were very nice to us. We donated to Locks of Love which was a bit difficult for Michael to do since our hair had to be harvested from the root for us to give them as much length as possible. We did not have ours razor shaved to the skin.

So a shaved head is fascinating!!! 

1. Mom and I can't stop touching it. It is tingly inside and out. very nice to feel.
2. It feels like velcro with all of the hats I made us. Everything sticks or tugs as you move anything over your head.
3. All temperature changes are DRASTIC on your head. I have never been so cold on my neck, who knew?
4. Other people want to touch it.
5. Mom and I are proud of our bald heads, so we go out without head covers, people gawk like crazy. 

Day 2 - Grew fast

My hair is growing much faster than I thought it would. It doesn't look like it but my head is already pretty dark.

I thought about razor shaving my hair today to go from the absolute short for the full experience, but Husband gave me the puppy dog eyes (he misses my hair). I guess three less days of my bald head won't be too bad. Also, this length is where you will probably be when you realize that your hair is coming back evenly over the entire head.

Hugs and love to all!
Later Stalkers!

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